Water Crisis Communications

Water Crisis Communications: EBS Advisory has partnered with Grant Thornton’s Tourism division to help Cape Town business communicate responses to Day Zero.

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Letshego Holdings Limited recognised at the PwC Awards 2017

Letshego Holdings Limited was recognised at the PwC Awards 2017 as the winner in the financial services sector for the Best Published Corporate Report and Accounts Competition, written by EBS. This accolade underpins EBS Advisory’s support in profiling their clients in this space.

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EBS Awarded Best Independent Advisory Firm Award

The Africa Global Funds Service Providers Awards, in partnership with SAVCA, presented EBS with the prestigious 2017 Best Independent Advisory Firm award. The magazine is an African investment management and private equity focused publication with a distribution of over 3000 print copies and almost 2000 unique web sessions. Other big names to be recognised in these awards include Webber Wentzel, Standard Bank, Investec, Bowmans, Maitland and Trident Fund Service. To be recognised amongst these big names is an honour, and is an indication that the hard work we put in is being recognised in the industry.

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SMART, it’s the smart thing to do

The SMART Campaign is a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal of providing respectful, transparent financial products to clients. According to the rationale of the Campaign, protecting clients is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. We are privileged to be the first SMART accredited auditing firm on the African continent and one of only five globally.

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About Us

EBS Advisory is the leading ESG (enviro, social and governance) & impact modelling consultancy to Business, Investors and Financial Institutions in Africa and other Emerging Markets. We are an African-owned and -managed business as we feel that a Western mindset will miss investment opportunities in poorly researched markets. We believe that Africa needs competitive businesses, not philanthropy or charity, and that shared value is a fundamental driver for the investment thesis in Africa. We therefore take ESG beyond risk identification and compliance to the positive realm of value add: our experience shows that strategic ESG implementation can enhance exit valuations by as much as 55%. Since 1999, we have performed over 700 studies for more than 120 clients in 34 countries, spanning four continents. Our work has been independently reviewed by Limited Partners and DFI’s around the world and we receive many recommendations from them for our services. We operate from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Harare, Lagos, Accra, Casablanca, Dubai, Brussels and London.

Our Values

We recognise that Africa and other Emerging Markets need practical solutions in the short-term to address societal needs. We therefore focus on delivering solutions, through a thorough understanding of the problems, which demonstrate value for both the receiving community and the investor during the investment process. Our goals are:

  • Courage & Integrity: the ability to advise our clients on the trade off between their long-term interests versus their short-term needs.
  • Insight: the ability to be able to convince clients that by incorporating Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) into their decision-making, they will produce better, more resilient profits and better asset valuations.
  • Partnering: we are able to work with clients, in all points along their journey, to build relationships. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the philosophy and culture of our clients, and adapt our services accordingly.
  • Efficiency: we focus on improving our thinking, rather than the volume of work we produce, and this reflects in our pricing and responsiveness.