Building Credibility through Accurate Monitoring and Reporting
Impact Investors

In addition to the services offered to commercial private equity fund managers and asset managers, we offer the following services to investors wishing to measure, monitor and report on their social impact.

There are over 140 different tools and systems worldwide, including IRIS, GIIRS, GRI, PPI, SPTF, Mix-market, SROI, WBCSD, MDG, UNPRI, CRISA, EP, CDP, King III and IFC PS, amongst others. We offer significant value by streamlining impact measurement parameters according to the materiality and strategic intent of the investor.

Key features of our impact assessment approach:

  • Over 100 socio-economic, social and environmental indicators linked to a maximum of 15 inter-related parameters
  • Building legitimacy and credibility through designing measurement and monitoring systems according to international standards
  • Integrating the impact assessment into the investment Due Diligence process, saving time on site visits and conveying critical local understanding as part of the marketing of the development to the local community
  • Detailed social questionnaires customised to various sectors and regions
  • A comparison of social and environmental baseline data with international standards and benchmarks for expected social outcomes (such as the Millennium Development Goals)
  • Plotting of impact trends over time and linking these to key interventions (such as CSI initiatives)
  • Production of bespoke reports to communicate the above