Value Creation Monitoring Through Social Impact Assessments

At EBS we believe that the business of the future is the one that leverages broad value creation for business performance. This is because it is becoming increasingly evident that positive impact is an essential pillar of financial stability. This doesn’t mean that companies should simply increase their CSR spend or philanthropic activities; rather, the truly sustainable company has positive impact at its core: its business is to make the planet cleaner, make communities more resilient, improve lives.

Our social impact assessment projects are designed to provide cutting-edge strategic insights to our clients. For example, we pioneered a ground-breaking application of how social impact can reduce credit risk in mobile banking platforms in East Africa. For AFB (now Jumo) for example, EBS designed and performed over 200,000 USSD surveys to establish a correlation between the social circumstances of their customers and their performance with regard to servicing their loans. This research was also used strategically in assisting with a fund-raising exercise with significant reductions in the cost of capital.

In another example, we are working with Letshego, a Botswana-listed consumer finance provider, to develop impact models to assist in refining the company’s development impact / financial inclusion agenda.

We are also providing strategic advisory services to the Latvian-registered 4Finance, a single payment loan provider that uses cutting edge technology and data to offer convenience loans to customers across three continents and 15 countries. This project is premised on providing the company with alternative insights into the lives and needs of their customers and the impact of their lending operations on their customers’ lives.

We are excited to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices which leverage social impact insights into opportunities for innovation and differentiation as important drivers for long-term growth.