Our Values

We recognise that Africa and other Emerging Markets need practical solutions in the short-term to address societal needs. We  therefore focus on delivering solutions, through a thorough understanding of the problems, which demonstrate value for both the receiving community and the investor during the investment process.

Our goals are:

  • Courage & Integrity: the ability to advise our clients on the trade off between their long-term interests versus their short-term needs.
  • Insight: the ability to be able to convince clients that by incorporating Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) into their decision-making, they will produce better, more resilient profits and better asset valuations.
  • Partnering: We are able to work with clients, in all points along their journey, to build relationships. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the philosophy and culture of our clients, and adapt our services accordingly.
  • Efficiency: we focus on improving our thinking, rather than the volume of work we produce, and this reflects in our pricing and responsiveness.