Delivering balanced value
Pension Funds and Asset Managers

The mandate of Pension Funds and Sovereign Funds has extended beyond merely providing beneficiaries with security of cash flows when they need them. Beneficiaries also require stable, healthy and functioning societies in which to live. They need societies with clean air and water, functioning public services, social security and safety, education and job opportunities for their children and grandchildren.

Today’s trustees, officers, administrators, asset managers and consultants therefore require a new set of skills to manage their assets under their control for long-term financial and social returns.

In addition, a growing number of international standards, such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) have defined the outcomes that Asset Owners and Asset Managers need to achieve. To assist pension funds and asset managers achieve the above, our services include:

  • ESG training for Trustees, Offices and Asset Managers
  • Compliance with UN Principles for Responsible Investment and CRISA
  • RI Policies and Systems
  • Portfolio ESG Analysis
  • ESG Selection criteria for Asset Managers
  • Due Diligence and ESG Reporting
  • Environmental Insurance
  • Social Impact Measurement
  • Annual and Integrated Reports