Water Crisis Communications

What do I tell my customers about Day Zero?

What can I put on my website and what shouldn’t I?

What do I tell my staff?  Do I wait till Day Zero arrives or do I start now?

Am I legally compliant in terms of my water use? Can I trust my water use data?

When does force majeure take effect and I need to cancel contracts, and how do I communicate this?

What do I tell a water inspector if my neighbours complain?


EBS Advisory, the leading Sustainability Communications firm, based in Cape Town, in partnership with Grant Thornton’s Tourism division, is offering 3 affordable tools to help you communicate your responses to Day Zero:

  • Light rinse: suitable for B&B’s, Guesthouses, Restaurants, etc. — only R7,500 (ex VAT)
  • Economy Cycle: designed for a Small Hotel, Factory, service providers such as Cleaning Services, Laundromats, Produce Suppliers and Attraction — R25,000 (ex VAT).
  • Deep Dive: Essential for Larger Corporates, Wine Farms, Large Hotels, Events Venues – contact us for a quote.


We will check if your information is credible, benchmark you against your peers and make suggestions on where to improve. For Light Rinse, you will get communications material to send your customers and to put on your website, Day Zero news feed without the political noise, a basic water use model, PR support and a Water Wise Rating, all within 24 hours of booking on-line.  The other options also include mapping, stakeholder and customer analysis, site visits, metering validation, customer impact analysis, insurance & legal contract review and call centre support.

Water Communication Guide Feb 18